My heatsinks are precision-machined works of art.  Here’s a description of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each one.


  • Cut 7.75″ length billets from 12′ lengths of raw aluminum bar stock …
    • Cooler KX Lite™ stock has a 1.0″ × 1.5″ cross section
    • Cooler KX Plus™ stock has a 1.0″ × 1.75″ cross section


  • Establish the bottom surface as a reference …
    • High-speed rough cut.
    • Engrave my callsign.
    • Plane to remove machining marks.
  • Cut outside dimensions.
  • Drill holes.
  • High-speed rough-cut fin and end bolster profiles.
  • Low-speed precision-cut fins and end bolsters.
  • Smooth all edges and gullets.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Tap the optional sunshield (still in development) mounting holes.
  • Hand lap the bottom surface (to ensure flatness).
  • Perform bottom surface flatness check.
  • Wash to remove tapping fluid.


Quality Control

  • Inspect powder coating for …
    • Uniform coverage.  Reject units that are not fully coated.
    • Contamination on the threads of the two tapped holes.  Remove if present.
    • Overspray on the bottom.  Remove if present.
  • Redo bottom surface flatness test.  Reject units that fail.